New Phoenix SEO Expert on the Scene for Consulting

Phoenix SEO Expert now taking clients

At the urging of some of my colleagues, I’ve started taking on clients for SEO consulting and services.  I’m looking for some businesses that want to dominate the search engines for their money search terms.  For the near term I’m going to be extremely selective with the clients and businesses that I accept and I don’t want to waste either of our times if you aren’t serious or committed to getting results with search engines rankings.  There are many other SEO companies out there who will gladly work with you and provide some links and page set up that may or may not get you any real results in your local markets.

Phoenix SEO Expert

I’ve been working on national and international campaigns as an affiliate for some of the most competitive search terms in the world and recently ran some trials for local markets just to make sure that my strategies work on the local stage as well and the results have been even better than I had originally hoped.  What this means is that if you want your business website at the top of Google for your main search terms, I can make that happen.  If you don’t know what your main search terms should be, I can tell.  If you really want to own the searches, I can get 2, 3 or even 4 search results for your business on the first page of Google.  That is what a true SEO expert will be able to do for your business.

Panda 2.0- What did it do to your rankings?


These results are current, so if you’ve been keeping up with recent events in how Google determines how websites rank, you’ll know that Penguin and Panda 1 and 2 scared most SEOs and really affected their sites.  Here is a link from March 2013 about the “upcoming Panda 2.0 and why webmasters should fear it; 10 reasons why webmasters should fear Panda 2.0

All my sites have gone up in ranking since the newest update from Google and now that we have figured out what changes we need to make to cater to what Google wants, it’s even easier than before to get amazing search results.  I live in Phoenix and want to help some local businesses really excel in their markets.  I also have some national and international clients that I work with, so if you found this site and aren’t based in Phoenix, don’t let that stop you from contacting me if you’re ready to find out what you’ve been missing online.

Give me a call and leave a message with some of your details.  I’ll get back to you within a day.   When I’m working, I don’t let phone calls interrupt my work schedule, and I don’t have some big office with a lot of overhead that will eat into your budget and my profit.

I know what it’s like to be local business owner, I have owned and run a small business that floundered along for several years while I worked my butt off, 80 hours a week trying to keep up with all the operations and finances and way more moving parts than I knew what to do with.  I found that I’d work super hard delivering great services to my customers, and a month or two down the road, I’d have happy customers, but no new ones in the pipeline to keep the business growing.  I struggled this way for too long before I took it upon myself to learn all the secrets of getting on top of the search results for Google.  Real search engine optimization that was profitable.  We had some slow months and I just buried myself in uncovering all the nuances and strategies.  Finding experts who would teach me what they knew, putting it together and testing on site after site until I figured it out and implemented it on my business website.  The changes took a couple months to roll out but by the third month we were doing as much business in a month as we did in the previous 12 months and all the extra leads we were taking in were coming from online.

You see, the amazing thing about online marketing and specifically search engine marketing and optimization, is that you are right there in front of the buyer when they are in buying mode.  When they have actually taken the time to type what they want into their computer to look for someone to help them solve their problems.  Conversions and close rates are much higher for this lead source than any other that I have come across.

With the way the economy was going at the time, I poured most of my resources into online marketing and haven’t looked back.  I’m ready to help other brick and mortar business enjoy some of the successes I was able to create for myself.  If you’re still reading this, you just might be one of them.

Here’s to your success,

Joshua Fletcher


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